Week 4 Review!

7 months ago   •   2 min read

By Kim Bissing

Puppy 1


Put your puppy on your back. Hold them firmly between your legs. Hold your dog at their shoulder blades. Reward for calm behavior and only let your dog back up if they are calm and relaxed in the cradling position.

This is part of your homework! Touch your dog’s paws, tails, and underside.

Kennel training – this week’s homework! Play kennel games for at least 5 – 10 minutes a day.

Throw a cookie in the kennel and let your dog follow it in. Close the kennel door, wait for your dog to calm down and then open the kennel and use the word ‘release’. Repeat. Make this game fun for your dog!

· Give Independent Activities

-Frozen Water Bowl (With supervision)


-Snuffle Mat (With supervision)

Food & Nutrition

· Feed proper food!

-Check protein content

-90% of calories come from your dog’s food

· Feed twice a day only (Unless you have a very tiny hypoglycemic puppy)

-Use a proper measuring cup, not the Big Gulp cup!

· Back of the finger test to check dog’s weight

· When changing dog food adjust very slowly

· Pay attention to the calorie content of everything that you give to your dog

Puppy 2

Front Sit

Should be offered, not asked for. When beginning to learn this you can mark the position with ‘sit’ once your dog is already sitting.

Left sit

Lure around your back. Your dog should end up on your left side. Your dog’s shoulder should be touching your leg.

Down w/ patience

Lure your dog down and then stand back up before rewarding. Mark the word ‘down’ only once your dog is already laying down.

Left Down

All the way, laying down on hip. Foot at shoulder facing the same way as you are.

Sit and Wait

Waiting, preferably looking at you. When released should run straight to you.

‘Sit’, ‘Wait’, Move away from your dog, ‘Release’. If they get up before released reset them exactly where they were and try again. Don’t complicate this practice it 100 times before you fancy it up!

NOTE FROM CLASS: Do not keep your leashes tight! If the leash is tight you can no longer correct and it becomes pointless.

Basic Obedience

Left Down

Dog should come around and end up on your left, your dog should sit without being asked. Ask for a down. Your dog should down and immediately go into an 'all the way' posture leaning in towards you, touching you.

Down in Front

Use your signal and ask for a down ONE TIME. Need to get them responding to hand signal/ verbal without luring all the way to the ground.

Loose Leash Walk

Dog's paws stay behind your feet.

Wait for Food Bowl

'Wait' dog should not move from placed position. Wait for your dog to offer you eye contact. Mark this eye contact with 'yes' and then 'release'. Reward.

The goal is to have them absolutely staring at you while waiting! Reward eye contact.

Leave It

Guarantee your dog's success. Do this on leash. Drop your treat on the floor, say 'leave it' correct if your dog goes for it. Reward any break of attention. Transition to rewarding for eye contact.


Introduce your hand as a target for your dog to touch. Put your hand out and when your dog touches your hand say 'Touch' and reward. (You can use visit or hello if you are working towards a Therapy Dog Certification)

Class Note: Practice Touch a lot because we are settle training next week. Do not forget your blue mat!

Beyond The Leash🐾️️♥️

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