Prepare your pup for 4th of July!💥

a year ago   •   3 min read

By Kim Bissing

4th of July is a great time to celebrate the beauty of this nation. Cook outs, pool parties and fireworks seem like they could be nothing but fun. For one very important family member, however, this can be an overwhelming and seemingly never ending event. This family member is of course your dog.

To a dog 4th of July can seem like the whole world outside is exploding. Usually their favorite family members are out in that haphazard world as well which only serves to add to the mounting stress. Many dogs end up darting out of the door and running away from home in their panic. Others will internally panic to the point where they may make themselves sick

So, how can we make our dogs feel a little more festive this 4th of July?

  1. Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise the day before and the day of 4th of July. A tired dog is typically not an anxious dog.
  2. Prepare a Kong with your dogs favorite fillings, something they go crazy over. Liver treats, redbarn or other wet dog food, peanut butter are all prime examples. (Don't go overboard and give too much or the stress combined sith the food can easily lead to an upset tummy. Layer high values with kibble.)
  3. Prepare a calming supplement concoction. I have a dog that does not like fireworks and an example of a concoction I would use for her would be a calming broth (Containing Tryptophan, this is what makes you so sleepy on Thanksgiving) and CBD chews. I space out the calming supplements as well meaning I may put some CBD honey in her water in the morning and then an hour or so before fireworks start give the rest of what I have prepared. This way the calming effects are in full effect before the stress happens.
  4. Test your plan before hand. Try a full day of exercise for your dog with the supplements you are planning on using and see how your dog reacts the plan so you can accordingly adjust.
  5. If you have one of those brachycephalic breeds (short snouted dogs such as pugs, frenchies and bulldogs) they are at risk of overheating under prolonged stress. Prepare cooling mats, soaked and frozen blankets and frozen chews to combat this issues.
  6. If you know you have a dog that needs extra help or this is their first 4th of July you can also use pheromones to help. Adaptil is a brand we recommend and gives off the scent of a mother dogs pheromone. These products come in a variety of types such as sprays, plug in diffusers and calming collars. If you don't have access to these products lavender is also calming for dogs.

What safety measures can we take?

  1. Make sure your dog is microchipped or able to be tracked, especially if you have a known runner.
  2. Properly fit a collar on your dog to hold their name tag, rabies tag, and any medical alerts needed in case they escape.
  3. Have and utilize a kennel! If you know you're bad at giving your dog some daily kennel time take care to in the week prior so your dog views their kennel as their safe space and their den. Covering the kennel with a thin blanket or sheet can help your dog to decompress. Calming music such assmooth jazz can help distract a dog as well.
  4. Prepare a low traffic spot in your house for your dog. If you know people will be in and out of your house all night don't set up your dog in view of the door, that's too stimulating! Find the calmest spot possible. This will also prevent your dog from darting out.
  5. If you're insistent on having your dog out with you make sure you have them on a leash with reliable gear they definitely cannot slip out of.

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