Taylor Melady

Taylor is a full time student as the University of Central Florida. After attempting more majors than she would like to admit, she landed on hospital administration.

She never thought she was going to end up a dog trainer. In fact, her journey into dog training began in the hospital. It was there during her two month stay that she met a plethora of Therapy Dogs that changed her life indefinitely and inspired her to want to learn dog behavior so that she could continue that healing experience for other people like herself. Ever since being discharged from the hospital she has studied dog behavior along with her schooling.

As a result of this, and after years of studying dog training and mentoring under Kim Bissing, she became a CPDT-KA and trained her own service dog, Ahri.

This is Ahri! She is a Husky/Lab mix Rescue. She is only about 2 years old. 

With a ways to go, she aspires to have her own Pet Therapy program to give back to a field that gave so much to her. With this, combining her future degree and her passions to bring love to what can be a painful place.

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