All About Kongs!

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By BTL Dog Trainer

Puppies can be a handful, especially if you are working from home or just trying to get anything done at all. Having an arsenal of Kongs in your freezer is a great way to always have something to occupy your dog in a constructive way. Plug the small hole at the bottom of the Kong with something like banana, yogurt, or peanut butter. Then fill the rest of the Kong with layers of some of these yummy ingredients. You can either give your dog the Kong like this or freeze it for added stimulation!‌

Match your dog’s capabilities. If they are struggling or not showing interest make the Kong easier until they get accustomed

Ingredient Ideas

· Banana

· Peanut Butter/Buddy Butter

· Pumpkin (Just a tiny bit)

· Coconut Oil (Just a tiny bit)

· Kibble

· Broth

· Sugar free Greek yogurt

· Celery

· CBD (for extra nervous/anxious pups)

· Sweet Potato

· Chicken

· Hotdogs

· Cheese

· Blueberries

· Carrots‌

‌Stuffing your Kong in this fashion will teach your dog to love their Kong as they get the best of the Kong at the end to reward them for their effort!


· Artificial Sugar – Xylitol it is lethal to your dog. Present in selective peanut butter

· Vegetables such as onion garlic and chives

· Cooked bones

· Grapes and raisins

· Always research before you put anything new in a Kong

Tips and Tricks:

· Freeze your Kong this makes it a lot more stimulating.

· Know your dog, some dogs can eat lots of rich foods and their stomachs can take it while other dogs would really struggle with a Kong stuffed with variety. A Kong stuffed with soaked kibble is still amazing for your dog if they have a sensitive stomach.

· Soak your kibble in water or broth over-night. This will make it freeze much harder and the Kong will be much more stimulating for your dog.

· Layer your Kong rather than mixing the ingredients and adding them in. The layers add a lot of interest for your dog because they are constantly discovering new things out of the Kong.

· Use a Kong bigger than you would initially think for your dog. Use a Kong big enough to fill your dog’s entire meal in plus some!

· Have many Kongs, take the time to fill them all with your dog’s meal and have them lined up in your freezer ready to go.

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