Swimming and Dock Diving

Swimming is not only a great confidence builder for a dog but also an essential skill for your dog to know if they live in Florida!

To sign up please call 407-872-9121 or catch us on your way out of class for available time slots. Currently we offer these lessons by appointment on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Swim and Dock Diving Rates (20 Minute Time Slots)

Swim Lesson $40

This is for dogs that are not regular swimmers. It is important for your dog to be confident enough to readily get in and out of the pool without too much encouragement to move on to Dock Diving. This will ensure that they love the sport from the beginning!

Dock Diving Lesson $35

Ready for the next step? Once your dog is readily swimming we introduce taking the leap off of the dock. We never push dogs in and only encourage that they jump in on their own. We help you harness your dog's toy drive in these lessons as well.

Dock Rental   $30

Once Dock Diving becomes a breeze for your dog we take off the training wheels and let you do it on your own with supervision!

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