Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation: Do I bring my dog?

Because Orientation is for all classes, please only bring yourself and the other people in your household. While we cannot wait to meet your pup, we will meet them the following week at class. We will have our trainers there to answer any questions for you as well as get you and your pup signed up for class!

Classes: How much is class?

Classes are $165 for 5 classes and a graduation pawty!

Classes: How long is class?

Classes are once a week for an hour and are 5 weeks long, and the 6th week is a graduation pawty!

Classes: What do I need to bring?

Everyone in your household is welcome to attend class.  The more the merrier! We firmly believe that everyone should be involved in the training process and consistent with their commands.

High Value Treats and a Hungry Dog

We are balance trainers that use rewards to reinforce our training. You will need to bring a food or toy to reward them. This MUST be something your dog goes completely bonkers for! Please note this only works if your dog is hungry. Do not feed them their meal prior to class. Hungry dogs are better able to work through distraction.

Treats we suggest!

  • Redbarn
  • Hot dogs
  • Ham
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Rotisserie Chicken

Training Gear

Please bring a leash and collar for your dog. If your dog is not responding to the equipment you have brought, we will gladly help you find different gear is better suited for your individual dog.

Appropriate Training Attire

Our classes are held outdoors. Please dress accordingly to the weather, wear comfortable shoes and don bug spray or sunscreen accordingly.

Cooling gear for your pup!

Because some of our classes are held outdoors, it is important to help keep your pup cool so they will want to work! We suggest cooling mats, frozen treats, cooling bandanas, and lots of water to keep them hydrated!

We also have cooling mats and bandanas for sale at our facility!

Orientation & group classes are held at 731 Franklin Lane, Orlando, FL.

Day camp: It’s my dogs first day at day camp – what do I need to bring?

We are so excited to have your pup at our day camp! We will need your dogs vaccination records, and we will have you read over and sign our waiver! Your dog MUST COME IN OUR FACILITY ON A LEASH! No exceptions! If your dog has any allergies, please let us know, and provide some special treats for you pup that we can use for training throughout the day!

We ask that you leave toys, blankets, and any other things that could get lost at home! We will provide all of the necessities here!

Day camp: How long will my dog be in a kennel while they’re at day camp?

Because we work hard and play hard at our day camp, your dogs need down time to decompress and rest when they aren’t training or playing. Depending on what service your pup is here for is how long they will be crated. We don’t have an approximate amount of time they are in a kennel, because they are in and out all day! They are rarely in a kennel longer than 3-4 hours at a time! But they LOVE the down time to relax and work on their enrichment we provide while they rest!

Day camp: How old does my dog have to be to come to day camp?

As long as your puppy is as up to date on their vaccines as they can be (check with your vet) they can come to our day camp! That goes for our group classes as well!

Day camp: Do I need to make a reservation for day camp?

While a reservation isn’t required, we always appreciate a notice at least a day before if possible!

Day camp is held at 115 West Gore Street, Orlando, FL.

Do you offer private lessons?

We offer private lessons at our facility for $75 an hour and in home lessons for $125 an hour.

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