D.O.G., or Franklin as some of you may know him, is our resident cat. D.O.G. was found in the road and brought to our office. He has been our office cat ever since and has been raised around the chaos of a dog training facility.

He likes to find the smallest possible containers to take a nap in.

We consider Franklin one of our trainers as he actually helps shy dogs open up. He loves to play with the smaller dogs and mess around with the bigger ones. We desensitize dogs in his presence to cats. We also use him to train reactivity and prey dog out of dogs or to a more manageable level.

Fun Fact: D.O.G. takes a daily nap on the printer.

D.O.G. is trained much the same as we train all of our dogs. We give him his food in enrichment based ways such as through puzzle bowls or in find it games.

He has done a couple of therapy visits at Disney World and is docile enough to let anyone pet him or pick him up.

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