Angie-Sirena McCullough

Angie is our receptionist here at Beyond the Leash. Angie's passion is rooted in the medical side of the animal world. Currently she is in school at the Southern Technical College to get her certification as a Veterinarian Assistant.

She is here learning the behavioral side of dogs to better assist her in the medical field. She has always aspired to be a Veterinarian in the Marine Biology Field. She loves to work with horses in her free time. She is currently working on rehabilitating her horse named Max. Her passion for the animal world is admirable and encompasses her compassionate spirit.

Bailey the Frenchie!

Angie has a Frenchie named Bailey who she takes to school with her. Bailey is great for doing blood draws and is very patient as a demonstration dog for the other students. She also has two family dogs, Skylar the German Shepherd, and Diamond the Chihuahua.

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